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Welcome to my Scott Speedman Tribute!

So, why am I doing this you might think? Well...I just love to see this man's awsome face every week on Felicity...I used to like Scott Foley, during the first season, but I changed my mind when "Ben" started go after Felicity. You know when she was dating Greg. I loved his haircut when he finally decided to cut it shorter (during the 2 season). Like guys with short hair (Like "Ben).

So what's on this page, that is different from other Scott Speedman fan sites? Well, I'm gonna put up a great and huge message board where you can discuss last weeks episode of Felicity or about Scott's latest's all up to you. The pics from the page is picked from several pages I've found on the internet. I will give people credit if I take it from someone elses homepage.

So please sign in the guestbook and say that you've been here! Let's hope this wonderful show lives trough it's fourth season! enjoy!!!!

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>>August 19th 2001

This site is created! Enjoy!


E-mail: scottspeedmantribute